The DTouch Golf Vest is Hot (Literally)

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Back in November of 2017, I wrote an article highlighting some golf products that got their start on the project funding site,

While doing research for that story, I came across the DTouch Golf Vest, which had already been fully funded so I left it off the list.

But to say I was intrigued by the idea of a vest with built in heating coils was an understatement.

I was also rather skeptical of a vest with built in heating coils.

Here in Chicago, we are pretty familiar with cold weather. Like, really cold weather. And for the golfer in the Midwest, cold weather will not stop us from hitting the golf course. We will layer up as much as necessary to be able to get out and play. The idea that a vest could keep me warm via a few coils inside of it while I’m on the course wasn’t an easy one to believe.


So on a balmy 20 degree afternoon in Chicago, a day after being hit with about a foot of snow, I headed to the range to hit some balls while wearing a DTouch Golf Vest.


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